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Top 10 Albums From My Teenage Years (a.k.a. I Did Not Skip a Single Song)

  1. AFI - Sing the Sorrow
  2. Evanescence - Fallen
  3. Fall Out Boy - From Under the Cork Tree
  4. Hawthorne Heights - The Silence in Black and White
  5. My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
  6. Panic! at the Disco - A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
  7. Senses Fail - Let it Enfold You
  8. Silverstein - Discovering the Waterfront
  9. Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now
  10. The Used - In Love and Death

"Pinay Voice: Watch 5 Amazing Musical Talents"


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From rap, hip-hop, acoustic, and rock, countless Pinays have illustrated their musical talents and skills and have become incredible figures in America’s entertainment industry. By creating music that highlights Pinay expression, Filipino culture, and even political struggle, these five musicians demonstrate the beauty, diversity, and tenacity of Pinay voices and experiences.


oh really?

you didn’t know you could be gay and transphobic? sorry for bursting your little ignorant bubble.

just kidding. i am not sorry.

Forgive me if I don’t cry for Iggy Azalea right here. I’m a feminist — a white one, at that — and Snoop Dogg is an unforgivable misogynist. Always has been. But Iggy Azalea being the victim of sexism doesn’t make her less of a perpetrator of racism and appropriation. And when the Internet — and the world — leaps to her defense but is silent about attacks on black women? That silence is deafening.
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this was my first full week of grad school.

and i have never been this frightened, this anxious, this stressed, or this sleep-deprived ever.

i knew you were gonna make me lonely

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Walang Hiya: On Sexuality and Shame

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I’m sure most (if not all) Filipinx/Americans are familiar with the word hiya. The direct translationis shame. Disgrace. Embarrassment. Then there is mahiyain = shy/bashful. Hiyain = to embarrass/shame someone. And walang hiya = no shame. No respect. To be cruel, rude, inappropriate, and despicable. I’ve had walang hiya thrown at me by my angry parents. I’ve heard other Filipinx/Americans remark on a womxn’s lack of hiya if she was showing too much skin. Learned that someone was walang hiya if they engaged in premarital sex and explored their bodies at an early age. My friend Kristin already touched on the concept of hiya in her blog post, but I thought I would take the time to further explore the topic. I have read many stories and articles about hiya, but I have yet to look at it from the perspective of Filipina sexuality. I touched briefly on it in my college thesis, “Redefining the Dalaga: The Representation and Transformation of Filipina Sexuality in Literature,” and explored howhiya contributed to the suppression of Filipina sexuality, to the disorientation, disconnect, and dislike we feel towards our bodies. I am thinking about how hiya has affected me personally. How has it contributed and altered my perception of myself? Of my body? Of my sexuality and romantic relationships? How is hiya manifested in my daily experiences?

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some updates

- i cannot write my bio for the ucr ethnic studies page. it is too hard. just what are my research interests again? i feel they are too vague and too repetitive at the moment.

- but i feel so incredibly privileged to be in grad school right now. i felt like ripping my hair out the other day because i learned that some of my cousins from the phils (who are around my age) are working abroad now. 2 are in dubai and 1 is in australia. i am just so pissed, worried, and did i mention pissed? i hate that my cousins have to go abroad and leave their friends and families in order to make money. i hate that they have to go through so much pain and displacement. i fucking hate the philippine government. i hate the labor export policy. i hate the lack of justice for ofws. i just hope my cousins are okay and that they’re hanging on. i want to let them know i am fighting with them. we will win the rev one day. i’m sure of it.

a question:

which starfucker album would y’all recommend most? thanks!

If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ‘em!
—John Waters
We can sit in our safe corners mute as bottles, and we will still be no less afraid.
—Audre Lorde